Office 365: FAQs about Microsoft Teams!

As you know, Microsoft has recently released a new collaboration and productivity tool built on top of Office 365 Groups and fully integrated with Office 365 core services. As any other new tool, many questions around Microsft Teams can arise so I recommend you to read Microsoft Team FAQs you can find in the following support article:


Office 365: FAQs sobre Microsoft Teams!

Como sabéis, Microsoft ha liberado recientemente una nueva herramienta de colaboración y productividad construida sobre Grupos de Office 365 e integrada con el resto de servicios core de la plataforma (SharePoint Online, Skype for Business y Exchange Online). Para facilitar resolver las cuestiones en torno a Microsoft Teams, os recomiendo el siguiente artículo de soporte con las FAQs de la herramienta:


Office 365: How to mix different Office 365 plans!

As you know, Microsoft introduced the business family as part of the Office 365 plans available for organizations of any size. Additionally to these new plans, Microsoft has also introduced a great flexibility allowing to mix Office 365 plans that belong to the same family or to a different one. Therefore, we can mix Office 365 Business plans and Enterprise ones. As an example of this great feature, in this article I will show you how easily we can move a user with an Office 365 Enterprise license to an Office 365 business one:

  • Navigate to the Office 365 Administration Portal and click the “Active users” menu option so you can get the list of active users in your Office 365 subscription. Select once of your active users and edit his license details.
  • You will see the license details for the user in a panel and you will also find there that there are other licenses in your subscription that could be assigned to that user. As you can deduce, we can on the play change the user’s license from an Office 365 plan to another one and the user won’t experiment any side effect when accessing to the Office 365 services he is assigned to.
image image
  • From this panel you can easily check the details for each Office 365.
  • And as I have said, you can change the user license as many times as you need without disrupting the access to the services.
image image