Interoperabilidad entre MOSS & SAP: Algunos recursos!

Ya han sido varias las ocasiones en las que nos han preguntado sobre la interoperabildad e integración de estos dos grandes monstruos: SAP y MOSS. El caso es que la semana pasada recibí un flash de la Microsoft SAP Technical Community muy interesante, que además de otra información relevante, incluía un enlace a la página de Microsoft | SAP Alliance en el que aparece una tabla estupenda con una serie de whitepapers que recogen las posibilidades de integración e interoperabilidad de ambas plataformas…os reproduzco la tabla para que la tengáis a mano puesto que sin duda es un recurso de gran utilidad:

Interoperability Resources – SharePoint

Integration Topic




SAP Enterprise Portal, SharePoint Server, WSRP

clip_image001 Evaluating Microsoft and SAP Portal Interoperability using WSRP

Enterprises looking for a way to consume SAP Enterprise Portal iViews using Microsoft Office SharePoint System 2007 can consider Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP). The goal of the WSRP technology is to facilitate the reusability of portlets across the boundaries of specific manufacturer implementations. This technology extends SAP Enterprise Portal functionality and data to SharePoint end users without the complexities or the expense of custom solutions.


SharePoint Server, SAP NetWeaver Portal

clip_image001 CB_045_Interoperability between SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007.pdf

This Technical Reference Guide lays out the status quo of existing interoperability scenarios between SAP NetWeaver Portal and SharePoint Technologies as of today. The paper was jointly developed by SAP and Microsoft and is a mature statement of do’s and don’ts in the Portal Interoperability today. Solution scenarios describe the high level overview where how to guides let consultants and interested techies step through the implementation.


SharePoint Server, SAP Web Dynpro

clip_image001 Integration of SAP Web Dynpro with SharePoint 2007

This paper describes how to implement a SAP Web Dynpro application with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This paper introduces the technologies and architecture used, describes the Web Dynpro customer contact scenario, and provides a detailed technical walkthrough of the implementation process.


SharePoint Server, SAP NetWeaver Portal

clip_image003 Integrating Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and SAP

Interoperability between Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and SAP NetWeaver is a complex topic with lots of valuable scenarios. This overview animation explains options and possibilities as well as limitations in the combination of SharePoint 2007 and SAP NetWeaver.


SharePoint Portal Server, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Business Suite

clip_image001 Integrating Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and SAP

Microsoft is committed to empowering information workers with simplified access to key business data and processes through the Microsoft Office System. This paper describes how organizations can extend the benefits of SAP to information workers through integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007


SAP Business Server Pages, SharePoint Server

clip_image001 SAP BSP – MOSS Integration

This paper provides information about how to use SAP Business Server Pages (SAP BSP) with SharePoint 2007. The paper gives an overview about the technologies and a contains a detailed walk-through of how to configure the SAP system and SharePoint Server in order to use Business Server Page Packages from SAP like the SAP Learning Solution (SAP LSO) from within SharePoint 2007.


.NET Framework 2.0, ASP.NET, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SAP NetWeaver Portal, SAP Enterprise Portal (EP)

clip_image001 Performing Enterprise Search With MOSS in SAP NetWeaver Portal

The new Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) has significantly enhanced the search capabilities to provide the enterprise information workers with a consistent and quality search experience. It supports strongly the unification of enterprise data across unstructured documents, structured business data, and people to enable federated search across them. This whitepaper reviews the improvements concerning the search capabilities of the new MOSS server and demonstrates how to use them to provide enhanced search experience for the end user. Furthermore, this whitepaper checks up the possibilities and the constraints to build federated search with the new MOSS server and provides a simple sample to demonstrate how to integrate SAP NetWeaver Portal (also known as SAP Enterprise Portal) search into MOSS.


SharePoint Portal Services, NetWeaver EP, WebDav

clip_image001 How to Integrate WSS and Exchange into SAP EP

This whitepaper describes how Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 can be integrated into SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) by using WebDAV today without using extensions available only with the Repository Manager addition for Windows SharePoint Services or Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Additionally, it will examine what possibilities arise from integrating these solutions into SAP Enterprise Portal and what features can be used with the current software versions.


SharePoint Portal Services, NetWeaver Portal

clip_image001 SAP Enterprise Portal and Windows Sharepoint Services Interoperability

The document addresses several questions in the context of SAP Enterprise Portal and Windows SharePoint Services co-existence. It covers the three main areas Document Management Interoperability, Front-end and Content Integration and Collaboration Interoperability. While the focus is on providing general guidance about integration opportunities, the document in some cases also offers technical How-Tos.


Además de esta tabla, otros recursos de interoperabilidad entre ambas plataformas son los siguientes:

Sin más, espero que la información os resulte de utilidad.