Microsoft 365: Disponibilidad general de Microsoft Syntex Pay as you Go!

Desde hace unos días ya tenemos disponible de forma general la modalidad de Pay-as you-go de Microsoft Syntex que permite probar la tecnología sin necesidad de tener licenciamiento asociado. Con estas modalidad de Microsoft Syntex tenemos soporte para documentos no estructurados y preconstruidos y solo necesitamos una suscripción de Azure que tenemos que configurar.

A nivel de precio detallado, estamos hablando de:


What is counted?

What is billed?

US List Price

Unstructured document


The total number of pages


You will not be charged for model


Prebuilt document processing


The total number of pages processed.


You will not be charged for model


Ventajas de Microsoft Syntex Pay-as-you-go:

  •  Availability. You can distribute Syntex pay-as-you-go services to all users without requiring separate licenses.
  • Consistency. Syntex pay-as-you-go is consistent with other consumptive services such as those delivered by Azure.
  • Flexibility. Since your usage may fluctuate, pay-as-you-go allows for scalability and flexibility – pay for only what you use and don’t pay for what you don’t use.
  • Cost savings. Reduce the hassle and overhead of license procurement, while you manage and split costs across business units by leveraging Microsoft Cost Management.
  • No commitment. Unlike per-user licensing, you can get started with pay-as-you-go right away without locking into any long-term commitments and without any upfront costs.

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