Microsoft 365: Run as feature for Microsoft 365 Admin roles (I)!

To manage Microsoft 365 we have different roles with different permissions in the platform. To facilitate the process of testing what a specific role can do in Microsoft 365, we have a very interesting feature named “Run As” enabled when we select a role in the roles section in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. This feature allows to emulate the role selected with the current user so we don’t require to have a test account to test a specific admin role and sign in in the platform with that test account:


When we click on the “Run As” option, a new tab that emulates the selected role opens.


As you can see, in my particular demo scenario I have chosen the User Admin Role that has less management options compared with Global Admin role my user has in the platform. In summary, very useful feature to quickly test what a specific role in Microsoft 365 can do or not.

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