Office 365: The new file details card is coming to SPO and ODFB (I)!

The new and smart file details card is coming to SharePoint Online (SPO) and OneDrive For Business (ODFB) adding new intelligent features such as the reading time (Note: For now I have only seen this feature in Word documents) or the details about the last users accessing the files no matter if they are corporate or external users:


The file details card also allows to add a descriptive text for the file by using the “Edit at a glance” link:


Once the user click that link, a side panel shows up so the text can be added:


When the text is added and saved, I assume is going to be presented to the user in the file card in some way…but at the time of writing this post, the “Edit at a glance” feature was not working so no matter the text you added, you were not able to save it.

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