Office 365: How to publish news in SPO using external links (I)!

One of the latest featured added by Microsoft to the news experience in SharePoint Online (SPO) is the ability to create news from external links:

  • From the Home page of modern site or from the news modern WebPart, we have a new option “News link” that allows to post external links as News in our site.


  • Once you make clic on the “News link” option, a panel it’s shown where you can type the external link. As soon as you have added the link, automatically you get a thumbnail, a title and a description for the news that is got from the external link:


  • Once we have everything ready, we can just publish the News by clicking the “Post” button so the News is reflected in the News WebPart:


  • If you take a look at the “Site Pages” library, you will find that there is actually a “News link” item created in the library. This item has a “Repost page” content type.


  • If you click the “News link” in the library, you will see its properties and you will be able to change if if required.


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