Office 365: New version of the SPO Management Shell (April 2018) released!

Microsoft has just released a new version of the SharePoint Online (SPO) Management Shell that can be downloaded from the following URL:

With this release, the number of SPO cmdlets has increased to 135.

Some of the new cmdlets included are the following ones (Note: Don’t expect this cmdlets will work yet since they realy on features not ready yet in SPO):

Office 365: Disponible la actualización de abril de 2018 del SPO Management Shell!

Microsoft acaba de liberar una nueva actualización del SharePoint (SPO) Management Shell que podéis descargar desde el siguiente enlace:

Con esta release, pasamos a tener 135 cmdelts para SPO!! Entre los comandos nuevos nos encontraremos (Nota: La mayoría no van a funcionar):