Office 365: Updates en Site Scripts y Site Designs para SPO–Abril de 2018!

Microsoft sigue añadiendo más funcionalidad a la extensibilidad de sitios modernos de SharePoint Online (SPO) mediante Site Scripts y Site Designs. En concreto en la actualización de abril de 2018 podemos encontrar las siguientes nuevas acciones para Site Scripts:

Site Settings

  • setRegionalSettings – Used to configure the regional settings of the site
  • setSiteExternalSharingCapability – Used to manage guest access

Lists & Libraries

  • createSiteColumn – Defines a new site column that can then be associated to a list directly or using the addContentType action
  • addSiteColumn – Subaction to add a previously defined site column directly to a list or content type
  • createContentType – Defines a new content type that can then be associated to a list using the addContentType action
  • addSPView – Defines and adds a view to the list
  • addSPFieldXml – Enables defining fields and their elements using Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML)
  • Additional field properties: internal name, group, enforce unique

Apps & Solutions

  • installSPFxSolution – Install add-in or SharePoint Framework solution from the tenant app catalog
  • Associate SharePoint Framework extension action also coming soon


  • triggerFlow action supports additional site properties
  • joinHub action has now also name parameter
  • Invoke-SPOSiteDesign cmdlet to apply Site Design to an existing site (also supported through APIs)
  • site design default preview image

Además de estas nuevas acciones, en GitHut podremos encontrar ejemplos de como utilizarlas:

+ Información:

SharePoint Site Scripts and Site Designs – April 2018 release