How to keep up with changes in Office 365!

Have you heard about the virtual Collab365 Global Conference 2017 that’s streaming online November 1st – 2nd?

Join me and 120 other speakers from around the world who will be bringing you the very latest content around SharePoint, Office 365, Flow, PowerApps, Azure, OneDrive for Business and of course the increasingly popular Microsoft Teams. The event is produced by the Collab365 Community and is entirely free to attend.

Places are limited to 5000 so be quick and register now.

During the conference I’d love you to watch my session which is called : ‘How to keep up with changes in Office 365 ‘

Office 365 enhancements, new features and functionalities are always expected to be released to the public following a well-defined process so every Office 365 customer should know when the new goodies are expected to appear in his tenant…however, is a well-known fact that the release process doesn’t work as it should and Office 365 customers get unexpected surprises in their tenants. In this session, we will talk about this release process and about the communication tools we have to keep up with changes in Office 365.

If you join me, you will learn:

  • Tools & resources to keep up with changes in Office 365
  • Office 365 Change Management Toolbox
  • Tips, best practices and roadmap about changes in Office 365


  • Office365

Audience :

  • IT Manager

Time (in UTC) :

  • Thursday, November 2 2017 7:00 PM

How to attend :

  1. Register here.
  2. At the time listed above go here to watch my session. (you can also add me to your own personal planner from the agenda.
  3. Be ready to take notes!