Office 365: FAQs sobre Flow y PowerApps (II)!

Siguiendo con la serie de artículos sobre FAQs de Flow y PowerApps, os comparto una serie de cuestiones típicas adicionales que se han publicado en la Microsoft Tech Community.

Q. How can restrict my users’ ability to move data out of corporate certified environments like SQL and SharePoint to insecure, legacy or consumer technologies?

A. PowerApps and Flow allow you to create data zones for business and non-business data, as shown below.  Once these DLP policies are implemented, users are prevented from designing or running PowerApps and Flows that combine business and non-business data.   For more details, see


Q. How can Office 365 customers connect to custom data sources?
A. Every Office 365-licensed user of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow can create a custom API data connection, in addition to the intrinsic ability to connect to sources like SQL, Exchange, Yammer, Box and Twitter.

Q. How can I prevent new users from starting to use PowerApps until the organization is ready?

A. We have extensive documentation on this topic at The short answer is to use the PowerShell cmdlet:

Set-MsolCompanySettings -AllowAdHocSubscriptions $false

which prevents users from activating “ad-hoc” service like PowerApps, Power BI or Azure RMS.

Q. How can I remove PowerApps and/or Flow from existing users?

A. Again, see for a comprehensive overview.  The quick answer is to use the Office 365 Admin center and remove the license for PowerApps and Flow.  Also, the integrated list button to create PowerApps and Flow require design permissions on the list. Users, even if licensed, will not see those buttons on any list or library where they don’t already have design rights.

Also, inside the Office 365 SharePoint license (e.g. Office 365 E3) disable access to the PowerApps and Flow services as shown:

This will remove the PowerApps, Flow, and Dynamics 365 icons from the AppLauncher “waffle”.

Bulk removal of licenses is also possible through PowerShell. See for a detailed example.   Finally, further guidance about bulk removal of services within a license can be found at


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