Office 365: Using OffCAT (Office Configuration Analyzer)!

Office Configuration Analyzer (OffCAT) is another interesting tool to troubleshoot Office installations as you can read in the following support article:

In orider to use OffCAT:

  • First, we need to download it from OffCAT.msi and install on our machine.
  • Once it’s installed, OffCAT is launched so you can start scanning Office programs you have installed on your machine and identify any issues you have with them. In my case I have selected Outlook:


  • Once OffCAT is launchet, it start the scanning process applying all the rules and settings that are related to Outlook:


  • When OffCAT concludes the analysis, we will have a detailed report with all the problems found by the tool. These problems will be categorized depending on the nature of each issue identified: Outlook crashes, problematic Add-Ins, slowness situations, etc.


  • For each problem detected, we will be able to see the details and also a link to possible solutions.


And that’s all for now about OffCAT, a must have tool for your Office deployments.


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