[Product Review]: LepideMigrator for Documents!

This time I’m sharing the review of LepideMigrator for Documents, a really complete and unexpensive migration tool to move documents in OnPremises and Cloud migrrations.LepideMigrator for documents provide is a really simple and effective tool that allows to migrate present public folders, on-premise file servers, or any existing data source, to OneDrive or Office 365 along with providing complete SharePoint to SharePoint migration which enable users to migrate a site/central admin, list/library, and items from a SharePoint to another SharePoint.


Product review of LepideMigrator for Documents represents my own personal opinion. My only motive is to provide an unbiased and precise view of the product for the benefit of the community. This review represents my personal experience of using the trial version of LepideMigrator for Documents and is not prejudiced by the owner of the software.

Supported Platforms

LepideMigrator for Documents support the following versions of SharePoint Servers:

  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2013
  • Office 365 (SharePoint Online)

It also supports the following versions of Exchange Servers:

  • Exchange Server 2000
  • Exchange Server 2003
  • Exchange Server 2007
  • Exchange Server 2010
  • Exchange Server 2013
  • Office 365

Various Outlook versions supported by LMD are:

  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook 2007
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2013

This review has been completed using the trial version 15.1 of LepideMigrator for Documents. There is a trial version of the software that is available for 30 days, but only with some limited functionalities, you can upload/download a maximum five files per session.  For this review I have used an OnPremises installation of SharePoint 2010 as source of the information to be moved to SharePoint Online in Office 365.

Moving documents from SP 2010 to SP Online with LepideMigrator for Documents

The steps required to use LepideMigrator for Documents are the following ones:

  • Install the software after downloading the installer file from Lepide’s website. You simply have to right click on the document and then you start the Migration Wizard. The download will take some time but the installation process is quite simple and fast. Its user-friendly interface makes it really easy to use. After installing the software you’ll get the welcome screen as shown below:


  • LMD provides an easy way to add a site of a SharePoint Sever in the software as the destination. Other than adding, it also provides a way to edit or delete the already present SharePoint sites in the destination. Likewise you can also add SharePoint site as a source and execute edition and deletion of already existing files in the source. After adding a new site in SharePoint On-premises as the source and SharePoint Online as the destination, enter SharePoint details such as «Central Admin URL», «User Name», and «Password».



Content migration from SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online

This tool has really streamlined the process of content migration from one SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online or to a different site/library/list/item of the same SharePoint server. It asks you to add the content which you want to migrate as per your requirement. This tool allows to migrate all document libraries, list contents, metadata, content types, workflows, InfoPath form, columns, views, web parts, SharePoint designer objects, contents, and items together from source to destination SharePoint sites. Moreover, it also allows you to migrate permissions or remap users/group as per your requirements as shown in the figure. The speed of the migration was amazing, it took only about 5 minutes to migrate sites from SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online.

  • Before initiating the migration process you have to add the SharePoint objects (List, Library/List or Item) which has to be migrated.
  • After adding site, it also provides you options to select whether you want to migrate data as an existing site or as a new site.



  • Many copy options are available to simplify the site migration from SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online.
  • In order to migrate library/list, select this option from the source. Now the next step is to select the List/Library options from the following wizard.



  • Now, the next step is to select the Copy options for Lists/Libraries.
  • Select the Item migration option from the source and then select item that needs to be migrated.



  • Next step is to select destination.
  • LMD allows also you to schedule direct SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online Migration, Migration using CSV, and Copy and Paste Migration jobs. This tool has precisely followed the scheduling date and time specified by me, without any delay. It restarted the scheduling job from where it had stopped on the next schedule. You can either execute the migration job immediately or schedule it for later as shown in the figure.



  • You can schedule the migration jobs as per your requirements. The schedule will be created by default, but you can easily change it accordingly. The starting and ending time provided here is indeed a plus.



Other LepideMigrator features

Finally, let me talk about some other great features available  in LMD:

  • SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online Migration Using CSV. Before migrating content from SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online using CSV, you have to generate a CSV file enclosing the list of contents to be migrated from SharePoint to SharePoint. You can generate CSV for SharePoint site, list/library, and items.  After generating the CSV file for SharePoint, you can use it for performing the migration from SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online. Select the desired CSV file from your system that you want to migrate.
  • Copy and Paste. It also provides the feature of copy and paste which allows you to simply copy the content from source SharePoint Server and paste them on the destination SharePoint Server.
  • Migration History. LMD saves the record of all real-time migration jobs, scheduled migration jobs, and downloads from SharePoint. You can view these records using a feature called «History». With history feature, you can easily know about the things happened in your SharePoint.




The LepideMigrator for Documents (http://www.lepide.com/lepidemigratordocuments/) is a fully clad tool to perform content migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. This software is a cluster of some great features and is tremendously powerful. It worked really well for me. I encourage any company that is new to SharePoint and wants to migrate their SharePoint content to give it a try.

This software helped me in performing quick migration from SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online. You can download the software from http://www.lepide.com/lepidemigratordocuments/download.html.

The trial version of this software is available for 30 days. The Product licensing of Lepide Migrator for Documents is based on the number of Seats/Machine Installation. This software is available in subscription model which you can buy from here: http://www.lepide.com/lepidemigratordocuments/buy.html

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