Office 365: New user experience in OneDrive for Business!

Microsoft has just released for Office 365 First Release tenants a new user experience for OneDrive for Business that makes the UI very similar to the one we can currently see in the consumer version of OneDrive. The details about this new user experience can be found in the Office 365 messages center of your Office 365 tenant:

Updated Feature: OneDrive for Business experience is changing

We’re rolling out a refresh to the web experience for OneDrive for Business, which gives your users a new clean simple browser experience. As part of First Release, you will get an opportunity to preview this experience first.
If user Alex Darrow (AlexD) works at Contoso (, his current OneDrive URL is
You can view the new web experience at
While this is the only way you’ll be able to view this new experience today, we’ll be sending out an updated communication in the next month with more information you can share with your users.

In summary, this new user experience in OneDrive for Business implies:

  • We will transition from the default user experience we currently have in OneDrive for Business.
  • …to the new one that it’s very similar to the user experience we have in consumer onedrive.




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