Office 365: Review of available reports(II)!

Continuing the series of articles on reports available in Office 365, in this article we will review the reports available for SharePoint Online.

  • First, click the «REPORTS» section in the Office 365 Portal Administration. In the REPORTS page, you will see, among others, a SharePoint Online section where we have 3 reports for this service.
  • The Tenant Storage Metrics report provides storage information in SharePoint Online tenant according to the available data and displays the information allowing to filter by days, weeks or months period. Depending on the time period selected, we can see the evolution of storage in the tenant in the last 24 months.
image image
  • For example, in my case the evolution in storage in my tenant in the last 24 months has the look that you can see in the bellow screenshot.
  • The «Team deployed sites» report shows the number of deployed sites identifying active sites compared to non-active sites. In this case, you can display information on a weekly or monthly basis.
image image
  • Finally, the report «Team site storage» shows the evolution in the storage in the team sites available on the tenant. You can apply a weekly / monthly filter.


4 pensamientos en “Office 365: Review of available reports(II)!

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  3. During the past 6 months, the data for these reports has stopped appearing several times and has also been wrong. I have needed to open tickets with the Premier support team to get these problems fixed

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