Office 365: New service added to the house–Bing Places for Business!

Among the latest innovations that we can find in Office 365, there is a new service added to the house: Bing Places for Business:

  • If you access the Management Portal Office 365, under section ADMIN you will see that a new link named «Bing Places for Business» is displayed.
  • If you click on it, and after several attempts, you will see that Bing Business Places is displayed and It will try to locate your company according to the company address you have registered in Office 365.
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  • If the details of Bing Maps Services for our business are not correct, we can edit and change.
  • After specifying the new data, just keep them and go.
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Office 365: Se incorpora un nuevo servicio–Bing Places for Business!

Dentro de las últimas novedades que nos podemos encontrar en Office 365 es la incorporación de un nuevo servicio dentro del portal: Bing Places for Business:

  • Si accedemos al portal de administración de Office 365, bajo la sección ADMIN veremos que se muestra un nuevo enlace “Bing Places for Business”.
  • Si hacemos clic en el mismo, y tras varios intentos, veremos que se muestra Bing Places for Business que intenta ubicar nuestra empresa de acuerdo a una dirección del servicio.
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  • Si los detalles de Bing Maps Services para nuestro negocio no son correctos, podremos editarlos y cambiarlos.
  • Una vez especificados los nuevos datos, simplemente los guardamos y listo.
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