Office 365: Review of available reports(I)!

Microsoft is gradually adding greater reporting capabilities to Office 365 that allow us to get useful information about how Office 365 services are being used by our organization and also information about services configuration. With this article I ‘m starting a series of posts where I will be reviewing some of the available reports at Office 365 today. Let’s start:

  • To access to the reports available in Office 365, just navigate to the Office 365 Administration portal and click the Reports option in the vertical menu.
  • In the Reports page, you will see all the reports available. Note that all the reports are classified by category: usage, SharePoint, Lync, etc.
image image


  • For example, in the "Usage" category we can see that we have usage reports such as Browser used, Operating System used and Licensing vs Active Usage.
  • In the case of the Browsers used report we can see a chart with information about the browsers that have been used and you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback to Microsoft about the data displayed in case there is incorrect information in those charts.


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