Office 365: How to add Azure Apps to a tenant (II)!

Continuing the series of posts about adding Azure Apps to Office 365 tenant, in this article we will see how to configure the DocuSign App to assign to a particular user of the tenant:

  • First thing we have to do is just to configure the single sing on experience for the App using Windows Azure AD. In the Sign On configuration window you will see three choices to configure the single sing on experience:
    • Windows Azure AD Single Sign-On, what implies to stablish federation between Azure AD and DocuSign.
    • Password Single Sign-On, i.e, we will use DocuSign credentials to access to this App.
    • Existing Single Sign-On, what means to configure Windows Azure AD to support single sign-on to DocuSign using Active Directory Federation Services or other third-party single sign-on provider.
  • This time, I have decided to use the second choice: Password Single Sign-On. Then, the next step is just to assign users to DocuSign. As you can see in the DocuSign configuration page, you can choose to automate the users’ provisioning or do a manual assigning. In my case, I have used the latest approach.
image image
  • Once you press the “Assign users” button, a list with all the Azure AD is shown so you can assign each user to DocuSign App.
  • Click the user you want to assign to DocuSign App and press the “Assign” button so the “Assign users” windows is displayed. There you can type the specific user’s credentials for DocuSign.
image image
  • After saving user’s credentials, we will see that the user is granted to access to DocuSign since the access method is updated to a “Direct” status.
  • At this state, we are almost ready. Go back to Office 365 and open the App Launcher. There click the “My apps” link.
image image
  • In the “My apps” page, you will see the DocuSign App is there.
  • If you click the DocuSign App, you will be redirected to DocuSign main page without having to type your DocuSign credentials.
image image

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