SharePoint Online: Can an external user sync a document library using OneDrive for Business client?

That was the question I received the other day in a private message in Office 365 forums. Fortunately, the answer to the question is positive and as a proof, I’m sharing two screenshots that show how an external user can sync a team site document library using OneDrive for Business sync client:

  • First, navigate to the SharePoint Online site and log in there using an external user that has access to it (remember that an external users needs to be identified by a Windows Live ID and he also has to be granted access to the site).
  • Then, just go to the document library the external user has to sync and simply verify the “sync” link is enabled for him. One last thing to remind here is that in order to have the “sync” link enabled, the external user needs to have installed the OneDrive for Business sync client that is completely free and can be get from the following support url:
image_thumb[2] image_thumb[5]

SharePoint Online:¿Puede un usuario externo sincronizar una biblioteca de documentos con OneDrive para Empresas?

Esta es la pregunta que me llegaba el otro día a través de un mensaje privado de los foros de Office 365. Y la respuesta a la misma es que sí…como muestra, os dejo las dos capturas de pantalla que lo demuestran:

  • En primer lugar, accedemos al sitio de SharePoint Online con un usuario externo, es decir, que tenga un Live ID asociado.
  • A continuación, navegamos a la biblioteca de documentos que queremos sincronizar y simplemente basta comprobar que la opción “sincronizar”
image image