Office 365: How to add Azure Apps to a tenant (I)!

As I have said multiple times in this blog, Microsoft is continuously adding new features and innovations to the Office 365 platform. One of the latest features being added to the platform is the App Launcher that improves the user experience when accessing to the defaults Apps available in the tenant for all the users (like the Office Online suite) and also the ones that are specific for an user. If we think about specific Apps in the Office 365 App Launcher, we have two bear in mind to types of Apps:

  • SharePoint Apps, which can be added by each user in his / her OneDrive For Business site.
  • Azure Apps, which can be added through the new Microsoft Azure AD service being added to Office 365 subscriptions by Microsoft. Azure Apps are managed and added to Office 365 users using the Microsoft Azure AD service that is assigned to the Office 365 tenant what means Office 365 Administrators are the ones in charge of adding and assigning Azure Apps to Office 365 users.

In this article I will start describing the process you have to follow in order to add an Azure App to Office 365 through the Microsoft Azure AD service:

  • First thing you have to do is just log as a tenant administrator in the Office 365 portal. From the Office 365 Administration page, just click the Azure AD link under the Admin section in the vertical menu.
  • If you have already configured the Microsoft Azure subscription linked to the Office 365 one (It’s completely free for Office 365 subscribers), you will be redirected to the SignIn page in the Microsoft Azure Portal.
image image
  • Once you are logged in Microsoft Azure, you will see that you only have the Azure AD service in your subscription. Note that the Azure AD service is identified by the domain name of the Office 365 tenant.
  • If you click the AD directory name, you will see a configuration dashboard for Azure AD. In order to add an Azure App, just click the “Add an application” link.
image image
  • Then, a popup window with a list of all the available Azure Apps is shown. In my case, I’m going to add the DocuSign App that allows to digitally sign documents.
  • Once the App is added to your Azure AD, you will see a configuration dashboard for the App where you can manage App settings such as:

    • The sing in experience for the App.
    • The users provisioning process
    • Or manually associate the App to specific Office 365 Users.
image image

And that’s all for the moment. In the next article of the serie, I will show you how to assign the DocuSign App to a specific user in the Office 365 tenant.

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