SharePoint Online: Configuring and using Office 365 Video (II)!

Following my articles’s series about configuring and using Office 365 Video, this time I am going to describe some of the Office 365 foundations regarding to the storage of videos we upload to the portal. Basically, for each channel we create in Office 365 Video, a new site collection in your SharePoint Online tenant is created behind the scenes:

  • As you can see in the screenshot bellow, in my tenant I have two site collections associated to two Office 365 Video channels: the Community channel and the SharePoint Online one. The first site collection is provisioned by default when Office 365 Video is provisioned so you have a Community channel there.
  • If we inspect one of this site collection, on the one hand we will see in the Site Contents page that there is Chanel Setting list that stores specific channel configurations. On the other hand, there is a document library video named Videos where are stored all the videos we are uploading to the specific channel through the Office 365 Video portal.
image image
  • If you browse the Videos library, you will see there all the videos you uploaded to the related channel. Therefore, all the size all these videos is wasting part of your SharePoint online quota.

  • If you inspect one of these videos, you will notice that by default versioning is enabled in the Video library what means each time you do a modification in your video you will be doubling the storage size consumed for that video. As you can imagine, this is the real reason why the storage used by each channel is increasing as you modify your videos…what in my opinion is not a bug as described in this post.

image image
  • If we analyze more deeply the Video library, we will also note that are some content types linked to it. Particularly, I think the one being used for each video we upload in the Office 365 Video is the Cloud Video content type.
  • Of course, in the Video library configuration page you can find all the metadata available in the library and added there by all these content types.
image image

And that’s all in this second post of the series about configuring and using Office 365 Video.


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