Office 365: An overview of the kiosk plans!

I like to participate in Office 365 / SharePoint forums because I always have the opportunity to learn new things and refresh my knowledge about both platforms. As you can deduce from the title of this post, this time I will talk a little bit about Office 365 Kiosk plans. Basically, an Office 365 user asked if kiosk users have the possibility to create or not documents online using Office Online. Well, as I didn’t have in my mind the specific features of Office 365 kiosk plans I had to search for some Microsoft Official documentation regarding to Kiosk plans and after a quick search I got a really good resource where you can see a comparison between Office 365 Kiosk plans: As you can see in that link, we currently have to different Kiosk plans in Office 365:

  • Exchange Online Kiosk plan.
  • Office 365 Enterprise Kiosk.

And of course, just reviewing that link you can easily see that Office 365 Enterprise Kiosk plans are the only ones that allow to create online documents using Office Online.


Office 365: Un vistazo a los planes de tipo quiosco!

Ante una pregunta en los foros de Office 365, en torno a si era posible o no crear documentos en línea con un plan de quiosco de Office 365 he tenido que refrescar las capacidades que este tipo de planes proporcionan para los usuarios. Estas capacidades las podéis encontrar en el siguiente enlace: Como veis en el mismo, hay dos tipos de planes de quiosco:

  • Exchange online Kiosk.
  • Office 365 Enterprise Kiosk.

Precisamente el segundo tipo de planes quiosco es el que permite crear documentos en línea en el navegador.