MSDN Community CD – Distribución de junio…será por recursos!

Pues eso, a través del blog de Greg Duncan he descubierto otra fuente más de recursos de formación en tecnología Microsoft que no conocía. Se trata del MSDN Community CD, que en está ocasión está enfocado a Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET AJAX, SQL Server 2008 para desarrolladores, SQL Server Integration Services 2008 y Windows 7:

Introduction to .NET 4.0

This course provides an overview of new features include the Managed Extension Framework (MEF), theading, and design by contract. Also includes a discussion of the various types of managed languages including the object-oriented languages (C#, C++, VB), the new Dynamic Languages (Iron Python and Iron Ruby), and the Functional Language F#.

New Features in Visual Studio 2010

This course demonstrates some of the new features in the Visual Studio IDE, including the new start page, the code editor, the XML schema editor, and new tools for web development and deployment


This course provides an introduction to ASP.NET AJAX 4.0, focusing on the new client-side controls and templating capabilities, including the dataview control

SQL Server 2008 Developer Fundamentals Part 1

This Web seminar will give an introduction of how to use T-SQL with SQL Server 2008. It will start with covering the basics and then move on to high-lighting some of the new syntax introduced with SQL Server 2008.

Developers look at Windows 7

This is a high-level overview of what’s new in the Windows 7 user interface. New features including the new Taskbar, Ribbon, Jump Lists, and Multitouch are demonstrated, so that developers know the new functionality they can leverage, but no code is shown.

Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services 2008 (SSIS)

This course will cover how to use SQL Server Integration Services 2008 (SSIS) to manage an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process. We will start by looking at the fundamental components that make up SSIS and then move onto designing packages using Business Intelligence Development Studio



Fuente: Blog de Greg Duncan.

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