Microsoft 365: New conversation button in Microsoft Teams (I)!

I’m pretty sure many of you have experienced more than once the situation where a colleague instead of replying to a conversation in a Teams channel, he/she start a new one in that channel what introduces a lot of noise and disconnected conversations intended to be connected. Fortunately, after many months of waiting for a feature that can help on reducing that noise, Microsoft is finally rolling out the New conversation button for Teams channel that hopefully will allow end users to clear identify when they have to reply an existing thread or start a new one.


Microsoft 365: Botón de nueva conversación en Microsoft Teams (I)!

Sin duda, una de las situaciones que más de un@ habréis vivido es el descontrol de las conversaciones en canales de Teams debido a que es muy facil cometer el error de crear un mensaje nuevo en lugar de contestar en un hilo existente. Para paliar esta situación, Microsoft ha puesto a nuestra disposición el botón de nueva conversación para facilitar a los usuarios de Teams distinguir entre cuando tienen que crear una conversación nueva o responder a una existente.


Microsoft 365: Teams Features by platform!

A very common question we can get about Microsoft Teams is what is the difference between using the Desktop, Web or Mobile Client. To answer that question, Microsoft has just released a great comparison you can find in the following support URL: Teams features by platform

Curso de Manejo y Configuración de Microsoft Teams - Incube2

Microsoft 365: Comparativa de características de Teams por tipo de cliente!

Una pregunta muy habitual que recibo en distintos foros es la relativa a las diferencias entre los distintos tipos de clientes de Teams a nivel de funcionalidades. Afortundamante, Microsoft ha realizado un excelente trabajo con está página de soporte en la que podréis encontrar dicha comparativa: Teams features by platform

Curso de Manejo y Configuración de Microsoft Teams - Incube2

Teams Fest is coming with an awesome agenda and speakers lineup!

It’s happening again: thanks to the awesome organizers (Chris Hoard, Adam Deltinger, Vesku Nopanen and Chris Webb), a new edition of Teams Fest is coming to you on the 7th of October. I’m pretty sure you know about Teams Fest, but if that’s not the case I can tell you that it’s a community event focused exclusively on Microsoft Teams. So if Teams is your thing or you want to learn a lot about it, you should not miss this great event where more than 80 sessions delivered by a great lineup of speakers will take place. You can check all the details of the event here:

TeamsFest featured

If you have not registered yet in Teams Fest, hurry up and book your spot through the following link:

TeamsFest Register

And if you come to my session (A Hub to Rule all your Tasks: Tasks in Teams), I hope you enjoy it and I will be more than happy to answer as many questions as you might have.

TeamsFest Tracks